All courses in the curriculum must have been passed before students can apply to complete the final oral examination for the bachelor's degree.

Evaluation of the work placement terms

Your successful completion of the practical specialisation will be evaluated by the supervisors in the partner company based on a list of criteria defined at the beginning of the work phase. This evaluation is included in the grading of work-based learning terms 1 and 2 by the supervisor at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg). You must receive a passing grade in these modules.

Work placement terms with a bachelor's thesis

During your third and fourth work phases (fifth and sixth semesters), you prepare two bachelor's theses. These involve preparing and documenting a problem from the work-based training according to scientific criteria. Successful completion of both theses is a requirement for approval to sit the final bachelor's board examination.


Oral bachelor's examination

Examination regulations and grading scale

Detailed information examination regulations and grading scale

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