Occupational profiles of graduates

After your studies is during your studies: as a graduate of the Electrical Engineering Dual (degree apprenticeship) bachelor's programme, you will already have two years of work experience in the field of your choice.

In your work, you apply scientific and mathematical principles, experience, judgement and common sense in order to make things better for people. After completing your bachelor's degree in the Electrical Engineering Dual (degree apprenticeship) programme, you primarily work in project teams together with specialist in the fields for which you are developing electronic systems or electrical equipment. You are able to work independently to find solutions to technical problems in the fields of electrical engineering, electronics and computer sciences. Your training provides you with an excellent foundation that will allow you later to take on and execute projects under your own responsibility.

The partner companies offer a wide range of career possibilities in their sectors, such as:

  • Automation engineering
  • Energy and environmental engineering
  • Automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Materials handing technology
  • Industrial research and development
  • Aerospace technology
  • Medical engineering

Contact Persons Electrical Engineering Dual BSc

Bernadette Auer, BEd
Administration Bachelor's Degree Programme Electrical Engineering Dual

+43 5572 792 5800

V1 05


Johanna Burtscher, BBA
Administration Bachelor's Degree Programmes - advice and admission

+43 5572 792 3519

W1 12


Prof. (FH) DI Dr. techn. Franz Geiger
Programme Director Electrical Engineering Dual BSc

+43 5572 792 5801

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