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Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) is part of an international network and cooperates with 110 partner universities worldwide. More than half of all full-time undergraduate students study for at least one semester abroad. FH Vorarlberg also attracts over 100 exchange students from all over the world who come to study here each year.

This international focus is also evident in the MSc programme Mechatronics. FH Vorarlberg has partnered with the University of Agder, Faculty of Engineering and Science in Grimstad (Norway) to offer a two-year double degree programme with 120 ECTS:

  • You are studying the first two semesters at your home university, and the third semester at the host university.
  • Thesis to be written in fourth semester with support from both universities.
  • After completing the programme, you will be awarded the degree Master of Science, MSc from both universities.

Detailed information on courses held in English (for Incomings):

Even if it is not possible for most students to study a full semester abroad, for either professional or personal reasons, there are numerous opportunities to gain international experience during your study:

  • A semester abroad may be available through online support of the thesis in the 4th semester.
  • Through English courses for the development of linguistic skills.
  • Master's students can participate in study trips outside of Europe organised by FH Vorarlberg that may include students from all courses.

Get a glimpse

Bernhard Fässler

We proudly present: Our first PhD graduate from the University of Agder

Bernhard Fässler is the first PhD student who completed his doctorate in cooperation with the University of Agder in Norway. Before he started his doctoral studies he was also the first to complete his master's degree in Mechatronics as a Double Degree student of University of Agder in Norway and Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences in Austria.

Philipp Pasolli

"If one would ask me about my best time in life so far? My time during my Double Degree at the University of Agder in Norway!"

Philipp Pasolli, Mechatronics Master's graduate FH Vorarlberg

Peter Birkeland

"I highly recommend Double Degree programme! You meet lots of new friends and you get a MSc diploma from both Austria and Norway."

Peter Birkeland, Mechatronics Master's graduate UiA

Contact Persons Mechatronics MSc

Jeannette Bohnes
Administration Bachelor's & Master's Degree Programme Mechatronics

+43 5572 792 5000

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Patrizia Rupprechter, BA MA
Administration Master's Degree Programmes - advice and admission

+43 5572 792 3040

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Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Johannes Steinschaden
Programme Director Mechatronics MSc

+43 5572 792 5001

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