Learning Support offers various eLearning services so that students, faculty and teaching staff at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences can use the potential of digitization for learning and instruction.

Learning platform

Learning Support maintains ILIAS, the learning platform at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. ILIAS is the central software system that provides support for teaching. Learning Support is responsible for the following areas:

  • Conception and running
  • Ongoing user support
  • Workshops and training sessions
  • Documentation/online support

The learning platform can be accessed by students and employees at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences via https://ilias.fhv.at Selected content is also publicly available via https://ilias.fhv.at/open.

In addition to the learning platform ILIAS, Learning Support also maintains additional programmes used by Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, such as

  • Zotero - software to support academic work,
  • Camtasia - software to produce screencasts 
  • Doodle - a web service for scheduling appointments 

Continuing education

Learning Support designs workshops and tutorials with the aim of teaching media skills to students, faculty and teaching staff. These services support the targeted use of eLearning.


Learning Support provides advice and support for students, faculty and teaching staff using eLearning at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. This support is offered at various levels and comprises, for example, the selection and recommendation of appropriate tools or didactic scenarios for eLearning use.


The production of eLearning content (= digital media for use in teaching/learning) is another area of activity. Learning Support produces eLearning content in different variations and supports faculty and teaching staff with its production. Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences supports the Open Educational Resources concept and provides its own creations to the public for use where possible and meaningful.

Here are a few examples: 

  • Hypertext content
  • Wiki-based content
  • Screencasts
  • Recordings of lectures in the form of podcasts

Networking and market trends

Learning Support has a cross-regional network. Through it, our faculty and teaching staff can access a wider range of services and attend continuing education courses across a number of institutions. Furthermore, Learning Support follows developments and relevant discussions in order to identify potential tools and services at an early stage and to make use of them for Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.