How to apply for an exchange semester at FH Vorarlberg

If you plan to study at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) as an exchange student, please read the following information carefully before starting with the online registration.

Application Deadlines

  • For the winter/autumn semester: May, 15
  • For the summer/spring semester: November, 15

Application process for students from partner universities for a guest semester at FH Vorarlberg

Please check with your home institution, if an exchange semester at FH Vorarlberg will be accepted before applying online and also ask your home institution for an official nomination via email.

The nomination email needs to show the following information:

  • Name of the student
  • Email-address of the student
  • Field of study at the home institution
  • Departmental Coordinator (Name, email and phone number of responsible academic person)
  • Institutional Coordinator (Name, email and phone number of contact person)
  • Planned exchange semester (winter or summer semester)
  • Field of study at FH Vorarlberg

Nomination Deadlines:

  • For the winter/autumn semester: April, 15
  • For the summer/spring semester: October, 15


Once you are successfully nominated by your home institution, the staff ot the International Office of FH Vorarlberg will provide you with further details regarding the appplication.

If you are not studying at a partner university of FH Vorarlberg, please get first in contact with the International Office at FH Vorarlberg for discussing your study options individually. Please also consider that the official legalisation and translation guidelines for all application documents are valid for Individual Movers.

Remark: Please do not use any special symbols or characters in the online registration form.


Step 1 – Fill in the online application

Please visit the Link Online Registration and fill in the required data.

When filling in the electronic application, please make sure that you choose the correct exchange programme. Confirm data by press „send application.“

The following exchange programme options are available: 

Erasmus SM = Students from European partner universities, including Turkey
Magellan Exchange = Students from an US-Institution applying via Magellan Network
Non European Partner = Students from Non-European Partner Institutions
Individual Mover = Students from Institutions without an Agreement with the FH Vorarlberg


Step 2 - Create your personal Login

After completing Step 1 and receiving a confirmation email, please create your own Login for the online registration in "Mobility Online".

Step 3 – Data supplement and uploading your documents

Sign in with your login again; then, please upload your Transcript of Records (pdf, gif, jpeg, jpg or png) together with a list of the courses you are still participating in before the exchange semester takes place. Please continue with "Complete your personal data" and send your data. 

Step 4 – Formal examinations and data supplement

After you have uploaded the Transcript of Records together with the course list and you completed your personal data, a formal check by FH Vorarlberg is necessary. After approval, you will receive an email. Please use this additional email as a checklist and fill in all required data carefully. 

The following paragraph is relevant for students of the bachelor's degree programme International Business only:
After completing all required personal data and uploading your Transcript of Records, students will receive an email with a list of courses (availability and potential combination of courses) and a thorough explanation of course contents. In another email at a later point in time, students will find a link, a username, a password for another online-registration tool.
Please make use of the second email as a checklist. After completing your selection of courses in the second online-registration tool, students are invited to proceed with "Step 5 - Uploading application photo and passport copy" in the main online application tool "Mobility Online".  

Step 5 – Uploading application photo and passport copy

After completing the checklist, students are asked to upload a representative photo (max. 500 x 500 pixel). Following this step, students also upload a copy of their passport.  

Step 6  – Learning Agreement

Please select the topic "Complete Learning-Agreement" in order to register for the courses you would like to attend during your exchange semester at FH Vorarlberg. 

Step 7 – Print and sign

After you have completed the Learning-Agreement please print out the

  • Application Form
  • Learning-Agreement

Sign the Learning-Agreement and the Application Form personally and make sure that the Learning-Agreement is signed and stamped by the person in charge at your home institution (Departmental Coordinator). 

Step 8 – Sending documents

Please send the following documents via email to the Student Exchange Coordinator of the selected degree programme at FH Vorarlberg:

  • Application Form (signed)
  • Learning-Agreement (signed and stamped)

We are only able to proceed those applications once we have received all documents signed by email. 

Step 9 – Process of acceptance

Only when we have received all required documents, the programme director will be able to take the decision whether a student can be accepted as an exchange student or not. Together with the acceptance letter more detailed information about your exchange semester will be provided via email.

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