Helpful information for financing an exchange semester at FH Vorarlberg

Overview of grant and scholarship programmes

Students are in general advised to look into possible grants and scholarships as early as possible because all grants and scholarships have individual requirements and are only suitable for specific study plans/projects. A well-formulated and accurate application is also important.

Grants for guest students from one of FH Vorarlberg's European partner universities

The Erasmus+ programme provides grants for students studying at a partner university in Europe. For more detailed information, please contact your home university.

Grants for guest students from one of FH Vorarlberg's non-European partner universities

The following grants might be of interest for students who study at a non-European partner university of FH Vorarlberg and plan to spend an exchange semester at FH Vorarlberg.

Ernst Mach Grant for students from non-European countries for studying at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences
This grant is available for graduates and undergraduates who are studying at a university outside Europe and who are participating in a master's programme or have successfully completed at least four semesters of their studies within a bachelor's or diploma programme at the time of taking up the grant.

Please note that you first need to apply as an exchange student at FH Vorarlberg. After receiving notification of admission you can apply for the grant via the Grant Database. As the deadline for the grant application is quite early, it is highly recommended to proceed with the application as soon as possible. For more information, you are welcome to contact the International Office of FH Vorarlberg.

Marshall Plan Scholarship
The Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation offers an academic exchange programme to fund scholarships and fellowships for academic exchange between Austria and the US with a special focus on Universities of Applied Sciences and Technical Universities. The programme is focused primarily on research in the field of technical sciences (this includes also research for a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis). If you are a student from a US partner university of FH Vorarlberg and want to apply for this scholarship please check the Marshall Plan Scholarship information and also contact the International Office of FH Vorarlberg.

Grant database
Exchange students might find appropriate grants at the Austrian Grant database.


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