Overview of grant and scholarship programmes

Students are in general advised to look into possible grants and scholarships as early as possible because all grants and scholarships have individual requirements and are only suitable for specific study plans/projects. A well-formulated and accurate application is also important.

Scholarships / grants for regular degree students at FH Vorarlberg

Studienbeihilfe (federal aid for students in Austria)
Whether students qualify for the federal aid for students, depends on their individual life situation.  Information is available at the Austrian Study Grant Authority.  

Grant databases
International degree students might find suitable grants and scholarships at the following databases:
Grants for studying in Austria
European Funding Guide
OEAD - Austrian Database for Scholarships

Merit scholarship
Students at FH Vorarlberg with an excellent academic record have the chance to receive a merit scholarship. Students will receive detailed information about merit scholarship during their studies.

Scholarships of the KR Siegfried and Fandl Jochum Private Foundation

The foundation awards scholarships under the conditions of talent and financial need. Each case is examined and decided on individually by the foundation's board of directors.
In principle, Austrian and foreign students who are studying at the FHV (Bachelor's, Master's degree programmes of all disciplines) within the standard period of study and who can prove good academic performance and who are studying in a goal-oriented manner with regard to the chosen degree programme and the degree are eligible to apply for a scholarship. You must be financially needy within the meaning of the Foundation's guidelines and still have at least one year of study ahead of you. All details will be available shortly.

Scholarships for FH Vorarlberg students going abroad

The following list contains grants and scholarships for students going abroad. The International Office of FH Vorarlberg offers individual advice and support.

Erasmus+ Grant

The Erasmus+ programme provides grants for students studying at a partner university in Europe. Students with special needs or accompanying children can apply for a disability support or a special grant for children. Erasmus+ grants are also available for internships that are part of the degree programme or immediately after graduation.

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Further Grants

Vorarlberg Stipendium
The government of the state of Vorarlberg supports students studying abroad. Further information and application documents can be found at Vorarlberg Stipendium.

Grant Database
An overview of different scholarships for studying abroad can be found at the Austrian Database for Scholarships and Research Grants.

Studienbeihilfe (Federal aid for students in Austria)
Students who already receive the federal aid for students in Austria (Studienbeihilfe) can also apply for an additional grant for studying abroad.

Marshall Plan Scholarship
Science and engineering students who plan to study in the USA may be eligible for this scholarship. Detailed information can be found at Marshall Plan Scholarship.

Support from cities and local communities
The city of Dornbirn and other local communities in Vorarlberg may provide support to finance a stay abroad. Please inform yourself about the options available.