Selected knowledge - what is the module library?

In the same way as the economy attaches importance to qualified and flexible employees, students increasingly appreciate the flexibility to develop a personalized profile on their own. This lets in particular part-time students consider the individual requirements in their specific professional field.

Goodbye school! Your degree programme also involves studying on your own – and the possibility of selecting content in your field.

Strengthening your strengths - where will you place yourself?

In the core curriculum of the university’s programmes, you will systematically increase and deepen your expertise and professional knowledge. And beyond that? What are your other strengths? Are you a sales whiz who likes to work in an international setting? Or are you a budding entrepreneur who likes to pursue an original business idea? Are you heading for a career in research? Are you interested in design? Do you have a hidden artistic talent or do you want to develop your abilities by interacting with people? Do you want to know more about technical issues? Would you like to deepen your technical knowledge or train your leadership qualities? Or would you like to enhance your profile with knowledge of psychology?

Our module library for the master’s degree programmes at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg), with over 20 modules, caters to all of these interests and more. Assume responsibility for your personal academic path - with the knowledge you choose.

Design your own curriculum - what is the benefit for you?

Choose subjects according to your professional and personal goals, interests and inclinations. In this way, you design your academic path on your own and independently. Furthermore, you will broaden your horizon in collaboration with students from other areas. Several courses offer insight into new disciplines and perspectives. Others, in joint seminars and projects, encourage an understanding for the way of speaking and thinking in other disciplines. The inclusion of researching lecturers facilitates direct access to ideas in research and current scientific discoveries.

The module library helps you refine an interesting personal profile for yourself.
What maxim could guide you in the decision?

Besides the standard curriculum, you have a range of subjects that allow you to specialise in particularly interesting fields or attain qualifications relevant to your profession.

FH Vorarlberg offers to you a unique possibility among Austrian universities of applied sciences.

In more than 20 extra modules, you will find an individual expansion of the curriculum and thus more access to the special knowledge of university lecturers.

At the beginning of your studies you will select up to 3 modules. The number of modules depends on the degree programme you are enrolled in. From the 1rd to the 3rd semester of your degree programme, you will go through coordinated and specialising courses in these modules. 

FH Vorarlberg is pleased to offer you this extended option and help you on your path through your degree programme and your career!

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