Fear-setting: why knowing your fears is just as important as setting your goals

Fear can be your greatest enemy or your best friend! It can freeze you and make you forget everything you know. Or it can guide you to reach your true potential in life. Hence, besides making beautiful plans and setting aspiring goals, entrepreneurs should also learn how to play with the mental mechanisms, that sabotage their everyday work. This workshop is for the bold entrepreneurs, who feel ready to accept fear as their master. We will present a practical and profound tool for fear management in an interactive and light way. Embark on this adventure! 
By Raíssa & Christof, from the Pirates of Love
The Pirates of Love are a tribe of dreamers and doers building a radical learning space aboard a sailing ship. We create educational content and host magic experiences, inspiring people to connect to their untamed nature. The Pirates´ co-captains are Raíssa Teles and Christof Brockhoff, who are currently sailing the Brazilian coast.
Raíssa left São Paulo to live close to her master: the ocean. As a free educator, communicator and fear enthusiast, she facilitates experience-based personal development processes for 10 years. 
Christof comes from Liechtenstein and moved to the ocean to build his own little utopia. As the co-founder of Ideenkanal, an incubation process for social entrepreneurs in the Alps, he is passionate about supporting bold people with meaningful projects.

Exclusively for startups

These workshops are exclusively for startups that are coached by startupstube of FH Vorarlberg, Startupland Vorarlberg or v-start.
You are not yet part of the program, but you have a great startup idea and would like to be coached? Contact us directly: www.startupstube.at oder www.startupland.at



Wednesday, 15th September 2021
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
Online: MS Teams in English


Dr. Magdalena Meusburger
Head of startupstube


This event is proudly presented by startupstube - FH Vorarlberg, Startupland and v-start

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