Austrian University of Applied Sciences female students and student's body (ÖH)

The Student Council is a body of representatives from the various degree programmes at FH Vorarlberg. Each representative is elected for a single academic year. Within each degree programme, in addition to the student representatives there are class representatives for each course as well as a group spokesperson for each group.

Mission statement

The Student Council provides support for projects undertaken by students at FH Vorarlberg that relate to their degree programmes. Please contact your programme representative for more information.

Activities and Goals

  • Services: Offering students helpful services such as providing lecture notes, documents, information, links, projects
  • Ambassadors: Representation for student interests outside of FH Vorarlberg
  • Voice of the students: Representation for students vis-à-vis the teaching staff and the FH organisation in particular with the FH University Council. Participation in appointment committees to hire university lecturers
  • Mediators: Mediators between students and third party outsiders as well as internal organisation with regards to projects, etc.
  • Organisation, support and advice: Receiving suggestions from students and putting them into practice; resolving student problems

Contact Student's body (ÖH)

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Student's body (ÖH)

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