We are pleased that you are interested in courses offered by Vorarlberg University of Applied (FH Vorarlberg). 

These courses are open to people who have fled their country and either have a degree or wish to gain one at FH Vorarlberg. We look forward to providing you with the support needed to embark upon a university education. If you have the required qualifications, you will be able to take part in selected courses. Our library is open to everyone who is interested in studying at FH Vorarlberg. Enrolling in one of these courses may allow you to eventually start a degree or to continue your studies based on your prior experiences.

An admission for selected courses at FH Vorarlberg means:

Application Deadlines for Study at FH Vorarlberg:
Winter semester: 15 May for the following winter semester
Summer semester: 15 December for the following summer semester



Studying and Diversity at FH Vorarlberg

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