"Studying with a child or other care duties"

To successfully combine family and studies can be a hard job. Therefore, family friendly structures are necessary for students and staff. Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) provides an excellent support system to make it work.

Offerings for students with care responsibilities

We support students with care responsibilities in the following ways:

  • We always look for individualised ways of support.
  • Child care support: We offer a corporate kindergarten at Campus V (Kica) with priority spots for the children of FH Vorarlberg students.
    More about Kica
  • The Equality Office supports students and staff.
  • FH Vorarlberg's independent social club "Soroptimist" supports parents in financial need with kindergarten costs for children up to 3 years of age
  • The Erasmus+ programme provides grants for students studying at a partner university in Europe. Students with accompanying children can apply for a special grant for children. The team of the International Office provides individual information and support.



Support in everyday student life for students with care responibilities

We also offer a framework of support in everyday student life for students with care responsibilities in the following ways:

  • compulsory attendance for lectures and seminars only if explicitly required by the lecturer
  • online tools
  • care responsibilities are a valid excuse for absence from courses, seminars and exams
  • part-time studies are possible for students with care responsibilities
  • advice during times of crisis, e.g. in case of any disruptions of studies
  • organisational support: the course timetable is available months before the semester starts



Awards for Family-Friendly Surroundings

FH Vorarlberg has been awarded two quality labels:

  • "Family Friendly University" by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Families and Youth
  • "Family Friendly Institution" by the State Government of Vorarlberg

Quality Labels

Quality Label Hochschule und Familie

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