The TELL Center offers a wealth of services at various levels, from the selection and recommendation of suitable tools or didactic scenarios to the use of eLearning. In this way, lecturer, and students at FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences can make optimal use of the potential of digitization for their teaching or studies.

We offer the following services:

University didactic consulting and continuing education 
Teaching and learning are highly individual, and a variety of factors influence the quality of teaching. The TELL Center therefore offers didactic consulting and support for individual and specific issues. We offer continuing education, consulting and coaching in the area of course and curriculum development, online examinations, collegial observation and much more. 

Support for digital teaching / Learning Support 
Our Learning Support advises and supports teachers and students in the production and use of eLearning at FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences by promoting self-organized learning and peer learning for digital networking. Workshops and tutorials provide teachers and students with media competence and media-didactic competence. These offers are intended to support the targeted use of eLearning and enable you to use the potentials of digitalization. FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences supports the Open Educational Resources-idea and makes its own productions available to the public for use as far as possible and reasonable. 

ILIAS - Learning platform for students and employees of FHV 
Our Learning Support takes care of ILIAS, the learning platform of FHV. ILIAS is the central software system for supporting teaching. ILIAS offers a wide range of possibilities with its tools. Here you will find a compacte overview of the relevant ILIAS-Tools and a demo of all ILIAS-Tools. Selected content is publicly available at

Learning Support is responsible for the following areas: 

  • Overall responsibility, conception
  • Ongoing user support
  • Workshops and trainings
  • Documentation / Online Support

In addition to the ILIAS learning platform, Learning Support is also responsible for other standard programs used at FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, such as

  • Zotero (a software to support scientific work)
  • Camtasia (a software to produce screencasts)
  • Termino (web service for making appointments)

Evaluation and quality assurance 
A variety of possibilities are available for the evaluation of courses. FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences has developed a concept for the evaluation of courses and provides various tools and instruments for this purpose. In this way, we systematically pay attention to competence-oriented and transparent learning outcome formulations and to the coherence of learning objectives, forms of examination and teaching-learning forms.

FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences belongs to the small group of only 40 European higher education institutions that have been awarded with the excellence distinction "ECTS Label" and "Diploma Supplement Label" several times in the past. Based on the original implementation and continuous updates of the relevant information, the transparency of teaching and learning as well as the recognition of academic achievements is facilitated. The ECTS system enables the transfer of learning experiences between different institutions, student mobility and more flexibility in the acquisition of degrees as well as contributes to curriculum design and quality assurance.  

Our offers and services:

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