Specific admission requirements

The bachelor's degree programme in Health Care and Nursing at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) is a university degree programme and the following qualifications and skills are prerequisites to admission:

  • General university entrance qualification:
    • Austrian secondary-school leaving certificate ("Reifeprüfungszeugnis") or certificate of the TVE Diploma Examination for leavers of the apprenticeship training and VET schools (“Berufsreifeprüfungszeugnis”) or
    • University entrance qualification certificate for the respective University of Applied Sciences degree programme (“Studienberechtigungsprüfung”)(Tests in German, Mathematics 1, English 2, History 2 and one elective) or
    • An equivalent certificate from another country (e.g. Abitur) or
    • Proof of successful completion of at least three years' study at a recognized domestic or foreign post-secondary education institution or
  • Relevant professional qualifications:
    • Completed traineeship relevant to the programme or vocational secondary school in the fields of health and social work or training equivalent in scope and requirements in this field with additional tests at FH Vorarlberg in German, English 2, Mathematics 1 or
    • Completed training in nursing assistance (Pflegefachassistenz, PFA) with additional tests at FH Vorarlberg in German, English 2, Mathematics 1 or
    • German university of applied sciences entrance qualification with additional tests in English 2, Mathematics 1.

All applicants for a regular degree programme are required to have a language level competence of at least B2 (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in German and English.

Detailed information

about the admission requirements including language policy: Apply now.

Important information on acceptance into the degree programme:

Have you successfully completed the admissions procedure and have now received an offer for placement in the programme? Then please submit the following additional documents:

  • evidence of health suitability in the form of a medical certificate
  • evidence of credibility in the form of a current police clearance certificate

You as applicant are responsible for the costs for preparing these legally required documents. The certificates must be from within the last three months.

Because the healthcare and nursing programme requires that you come into contact with people who are sick, appropriate immunizations (e.g. hepatitis B) are important.

Details regarding the required documentation and mandatory immunizations are communicated in your letter of offer for placement in the programme.

Specific arrangements for the recognition of prior learning

General arrangements

Specific arrangements:

In certain courses throughout the programme, you can be credited for previous academic achievements on a case-by-case basis. This also applies to achievements that have been completed at a recognised university of applied sciences or other university. The equivalence of the skills acquired with the requirements profile in terms of content and extent of the courses which you are applying to be exempt from is reviewed upon application. If equivalence is determined, successfully completed examinations will be accepted. A knowledge examination is not needed in such cases. For more details, please contact the degree programme director.

International documents

Regulations for applicants with international certificates/documents

Proof of higher education at an institution in another country need to be legalised. Guidelines for legalisation and translation can be found under International.

For third-party states (outside of the EU and the EEA, with the exception of Switzerland), the following applies:

If you have submitted documents to Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) and there is any doubt about the authenticity of these or the documents are not sufficient for a decision to be made about whether the entrance requirements are met, FH Vorarlberg reserves the right to charge a deposit of EUR 250.00.

This deposit will be refunded if checks prove the authenticity and accuracy of the documents and you are accepted for study, you accept the offered place, enroll in our program and start your study at our university.

It may also be necessary for you to send the original documents (or certified copies of these) to FH Vorarlberg before you will be included in the admission procedure. It is therefore in your interests to apply early.

Important for applicants from third-party states (outside of the EU and the EEA, with the exception of Switzerland): the final application date is March 1st! The duration for applying and obtaining a visa and/or residence permit my vary by country of origin. We recommend that you inform yourself as soon as possible.