Information on individual educational components (ECTS-Course descriptions) per semester

Degree programme: Bachelor Health Care and Nursing
Type of degree: FH Bachelor´s Degree Programme
Winter Semester 2022

Course unit title Principles in Economics for Caregivers
Course unit code 081611030803
Language of instruction German
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional) Compulsory
Semester when the course unit is delivered Winter Semester 2022
Teaching hours per week 3
Year of study 2022
Number of ECTS credits allocated First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated 3
Name of lecturer(s) Jürgen BACHMANN, Falko E. P. WILMS

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Nursing internship 1 and 2

Course content
  • Basic terms in economics and economic management
  • Communication and decision-making structures in the healthcare system
  • Management and staff management
  • Organisation as a social system
  • Organisational structures in the healthcare system
  • Principles of organisational development
  • Causes and drivers for change processes in companies
  • Obstacles to and support for innovation in organisations
  • Forms of organisation and work in care settings
  • Nursing staff as entrepreneurs
  • Nursing-specific information systems

Learning outcomes


  • will have thorough knowledge of economic and organisational theory
  • will develop an understanding of change processes in organisations
  • will make their knowledge of management and organisational theory useful by deriving consequences for their work in healthcare and nursing in their specific area of activity
  • will be able to argue for the use of various organisational forms and forms of work
  • will be able to develop, design and implement their professional activity, particularly in the case of freelance professionals, using organisational and economic principles
  • will have basic knowledge of nursing-specific information systems

Planned learning activities and teaching methods
  • Lecture
  • Business game

Assessment methods and criteria
  • Individual written paper
  • Group reflection report on the business game
  • Comparison of the business game with a selected piece of research work



Recommended or required reading
  • Conzen, Christel; Althammer, Thomas (2009): Pflegemanagement heute. München: Elsevier. Urban & Fischer.
  • Haubrock, Manfred; (2017): Betriebswirtschaft und Management in der Gesundheitswirtschaft. 6. Auflage. Bern: Hogrefe.
  • Königswieser, Roswitha; Hillebrand, Martin (2017): Einführung in die systemische Organisationsberatung. Heidelberg: Carl Auer.
  • Lausch, Andreas (2015): Betriebsführung und Organisation im Gesundheitswesen. 7. Auflage. Wien: Facultas.
  • Loffing, Christian; Geise, Stephanie; Bierther, Isabel Romy (2015): Management und Betriebswirtschaft in der ambulanten und stationären Altenpflege. 2. Auflage. Bern: Hans Huber
  • Simon, Fritz B. (2015): Einführung in die systemische Organisationstheorie. 5. Auflage. Heidelberg: Carl Auer.
  • Züger, Rita-Maria (2011). Betriebswirtschaft – Management- Basiskompetenz. 4. aktualisierte. Auflage. Zürich: Compendio-Verlag.

Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

Face-to-face course with compulsory attendance