Learning outcomes in the degree programme Health Care and Nursing

In the programme, you learn to responsibly and competently support people of all ages in various stages of health at the beginning and throughout their lives, in various settings, using an approach based on science. This also includes helping people to maintain or change their quality of life. In dialogue with patients and their relations, and within the interdisciplinary setting, you define the individualised quality of life.


Drawing on your scientific, technical, social, communication, methodological and personal skills, your abilities include:

  • establishing care relationships,
  • ascertaining information relevant to care,
  • assessing and identifying situations relevant to care based on this information,
  • planning, implementing and evaluating care interventions accordingly.

You acquire:

  • Individual professional and methodological competence
  • Organisation-related professional and methodological competence
  • Societal expertise and methodological competence
  • Socio-communicative competence and self-competence
  • Scientific expertise
  • Practical skills in professional internships

Gesundheits- und Krankenpflege