Professional profiles of graduates

The fields of work in the healthcare sector are diverse. New fields of activity will emerge for graduates:

  • Inpatient: hospitals, seniors and long-term care homes, hospices, rehabilitation clinics, spas and sanatoria, supervised community living spaces
  • Day patient: daytime and night-time clinics, community care centres
  • Outpatient: outpatient centres, hospice service, palliative care teams, mobile nursing and welfare clinics, healthcare and advice centres, mental health services, primary care centres, outpatient departments and consultation centres
  • Other areas: occupational medical centres, facilities for people with disabilities etc.

After completing your programme, you will be able to further develop and be employed or freelance in the following professional fields:

  • in child and adolescent care or mental health
  • in specialised fields (e.g. intensive care, anaesthesia, surgery)
  • as a practical instructor
  • as a nursing care expert
  • in advising people with care needs and their relatives
  • in ward or nursing management
  • as an instructor in healthcare and nursing
  • in programme management (teaching and management duties)
  • as a quality manager
  • as a project collaborator (e.g. international development cooperation)
  • as a technical expert

Your degree provides you with a wide range of professional opportunities in diverse fields of health care and nursing at home and abroad.



Access to further studies

The academic degree "Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, BSc" allows you to pursue further studies in a Master's degree programme at a university or university of applied sciences.