The bachelor's degree programme in Social Work – preparing you to work with people, groups and communities!

Our society is becoming more and more complex and diverse, which constantly creates new challenges for social work and the people who work in this discipline. Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences' part-time Social Work bachelor's degree programme prepares you to best meet these challenges and offers a wide and solid educational foundation in which practice and current theoretical and academic developments are closely linked. The degree programme is internationally recognised and opens doors to exciting careers opportunities.

Key Facts

Bachelor's degree programme, Qualification awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (BA)
Part-time study (extended part-time), 7 semester (180 ECTS)
Languages of instruction: German, 4. semester in English
No tuition fees
Semester abroad optional in the 4. semester
Job orientation (100 hours) in the 2. semester, work placement (600 hours + supervision) spread over the 4., 5. and 6. semester