Programme structure diagram with credits


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Qualitative Methods21
Quantitative Methods31
Computer-Supported Information Processing32
Evaluation and Assessment of Effects32
Analysis of Social Units32
Selforganised Learning 121
Human Rights and Ethics32
Introduction 21
Elective Group 1
Social Work Science 1 (clinical)32
Approach Clinical Social Work31
Salutogenesis 32
Elective Group 2
Social Work Science 1 (intercultural)32
Approach Intercultural Social Work31


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Surveys and Secondary Analysis22
Network Analysis21
Research Project 152
Compulsory optional subjects
Electives Context programme64
Elective Group 1
Social Work Science 2 (clinical)31
Service User and Areas of Clinical Social Work32
Setting and Intervention 132
Casuistic 1 (clinical)32
Social Diagnosis32
Elective Group 2
Social Work Science 2 (intercultural)31
Service User and Areas of Intercultural Social Work32
Professional Acting / Micro32
Casuistic 1 (intercultural)32
Interculturality 32


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Research Project 252
Selforganised Learning 32
Ethics in Social Work24
Compulsory optional subjects
Electives from the Module Library3
Elective Group 1
Master's thesis seminar (clinical)32
Setting and Intervention 284
Casuistic 2 (clinical)32
Transdisciplinarity 42
Elective Group 2
Master's thesis seminar (intercultural)32
Professional Acting 2 42
Professional Acting 3 / Macro42
Diversity 52
Casuistic 2 (intercultural)32


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Research Trip32
Selforganised Critical Reflection21
Master's Exam2
Master's thesis  18
Elective Group 1
Thesis Seminar (clinical)32
Casuistic 3 (clinical)21
Elective Group 2
Thesis Seminar (intercultural)32
Casuistic 3 (intercultural)21

ECTS: Credit points based on the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS). Consistent with international standards, 30 ECTS points can be earned each semester.

SHW: Semester hours per week (SHW). One SHW corresponds to 15 instruction units each of 45 minutes.

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