Information on individual educational components (ECTS-Course descriptions) per semester

Degree programme: Bachelor Social Work Fulltime
Type of degree: FH Bachelor´s Degree Programme
Summer Semester 2022

Course unit title Elective Work Field: Social Psychiatry
Course unit code 048502065208
Language of instruction German
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional) Compulsory optional
Semester when the course unit is delivered Summer Semester 2022
Teaching hours per week 2
Year of study 2022
Number of ECTS credits allocated First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated 2
Name of lecturer(s) Pascale ROUX

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course content
  • Social work practice in mental health;
  • Social work practice in anti-psychiatry and community psychiatry settings;
  • Social work practice with specific populations, such as people with mental health disabilities and psychotic illnesses;
  • In-patient support provided by social psychiatry: psychiatry, inpatient rehabilitation, in-hospital treatment, day program centre;
  • Outpatient support provided by social psychiatry: mental health services, assist individuals with daily living and self-care, community leisure und recreational activities, counseling and vocational rehabilitation; Outreach and wrap-around services for people with mental health issues, mental health service user movement, supporting and empowering family members and carers Mental health advocacy.

Learning outcomes

Students will: demonstrate knowledge of the anti-psychiatry and service user movements and objectives, achieve competencies in inpatient and outpatient, mental health support and in counseling clients with psychiatric disabilities, demonstrate knowledge of mental health, interventions for individuals, families and groups and their application to social work practice, understand the intricacies and treatment of mental illnesses, demonstrate knowledge in response to client complaints in the mental health community sector.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Integrated course with exercises

Assessment methods and criteria




Recommended or required reading

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Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)