Programme learning outcomes in the master's degree programme Social Work

As a graduate of this master's degree programme, you will have developed skills in the following areas:

  • Expertise in Clinical Social Work:
    Biopsychosocial diagnostics, in-depth communication and counselling, multi-dimensional intervention strategies, identifying specific problems and the ability to act, salutogenesis...
  • Expertise in Social Space Work:
    Analysis competence, process and strategy competence (control competence), social and project management, communication and consulting competence, interdisciplinary communication...
  • Leadership skills: 
    You are prepared to take on management tasks in the diverse professional fields of social work. You will acquire skills in business administration, interviewing, project and social management and reflect on your own leadership skills. You will naturally think about diversity as a cross-cutting issue.
  • Advanced research skills: 
    You will be able to design and manage scientific projects, conduct qualitative and quantitative scientific analyses, prepare scientific reports, documents and presentations, and secondary analyses of scientific studies.
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