Programme structure diagram with credits


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Applied Qualitative Social Research43
Applied Quantitative Social Research43
Introduction to Studies21
Theories in Social Work32
Professional Ethics and Human Rights*32
Digitalization in Social Work32
Specialisation: Clinical Social Work  
Basics of Clinical Social Work21
Health Promotion and Prevention32
Specialisation: Social Space Work   
Basics of Social Space Work21
Social Jusitce - Participation and Inclusion32
Business Basics32
Project Management for Social-Profit-Organizations32


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Triangulative Research Project 143
Research Method Case11
Selected Research Method22
One elective from the following three courses:32
Social Work Science Subject Area 1*  
Social Work Science Subject Area 2  
System Theories Subject Area 3  
Social Work Science Conference11
Case Management - Care Management32
Specialisation: Clinical Social Work:  
Fields of Action Clinical Social Work32
Social Diagnostics21
Specialisation: Social Space Work:  
Fields of Action Socio-Spatial Social Work32
Social Space Analysis21
Context programme64
Human Resource Management53


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Triangulative Research Project 232
Evaluation and Impact Research22
Gender - Diversity - Human Rights*21
Diversity Training*11
Specialisation: Clinical Social Work:  
Setting and Intervention21
Transdisciplinary Clinical Social Work32
Seminar Master Thesis Clinical Social Work32
Specialisation: Social Space Work:  
Social Planning32
Spatial Perception and Urban Development21
Transdisciplinarity of Socio-Spatial Social Work32
Seminar Master Thesis Socio-Spatial Social Work32
Context Programme64
Development and Strategy53


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Research Trip32
One elective from the following three courses:42
Blended Mobility*  
Public Relations in Social Work*  
Current Discourses in Social Work  
Dialogue and Reflection21
Master's Thesis19 
Final Master's Examination2 

ECTS: Credit points based on the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS). Consistent with international standards, 30 ECTS points can be earned each semester.

SHW: Semester hours per week (SHW). One SHW corresponds to 15 instruction units each of 45 minutes.

* Course in English language

Here you can find detailed information about the Context programme of the master's degree programmes.   

Information on individual educational components

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