Social space work at FH Vorarlberg – work with people in a diverse society!

The master’s programme in social work offers you a practice-oriented, scientific training with the specialisation in social space work. The skills obtained will support you in a wide range of vocational fields as a social worker in NPOs, social policy and administration at the state, district, city or municipal level, and in advisory, preventive, coordinative, strategic, organisational and integrative activities.

The concept of social space work is defined, taught and applied broadly in this programme. Social space work is relevant today and will also be an integral component of societal processes in the future. Following an integrative, transdisciplinary and networked approach, social space work supports and initiates societal development processes, promotes participation (e.g. professional support and coordination of honorary posts), and shapes and formulates future-oriented concepts and models in cooperation with other professions. It takes into consideration the needs of people in various settings or regional contexts and makes them transparent. It aligns itself according to regional circumstances and structures and addresses current challenges (e.g. digitalisation) by formulating answers conceived with people in mind. It actively helps shape the future sustainability of society and supports it in overcoming social problems.

The programme covers the following aspects:

  • Principles of social space work
  • Theories and concepts of “social justice – participation and inclusion” (in consideration of ethics and human rights)
  • Instruments of social space analysis and social planning
  • Discussion on professional conduct in example fields of social work
  • Communication and counselling skills
  • Networking and coordination of projects
  • Transdisciplinary strategy development and competencies

The study contents provide a broad orientation for your professional future with a wide range of fields and target groups.    

Soziale Arbeit

The composition of the specialisation in Social Space Work is as follows:

  • 34 % Advanced skills in social work
  • 22 % Social work
  • 19 % Research competencies
  • 15 % Leadership skills
  • 10 % Contextual Studies

Contact Social Work MA

Astrid Hirschauer
Advice & Registration — Social Work MA

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Dipl. Sozialarbeiterin Uta Skowranek
Programme Director Master`s Degree Social Work Management Bachelor`s Degree Social Work

+43 5572 792 5310

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