Information on individual educational components (ECTS-Course descriptions) per semester

Degree programme: Bachelor Social Work Part-time extended
Type of degree: FH Bachelor´s Degree Programme
Part-time extended
Summer Semester 2021

Course unit title Elective Work Field: Social Pedagogy
Course unit code 04856131
Language of instruction Deutsch
Type of course unit (compulsory, optional) Compulsory
Semester when the course unit is delivered Summer Semester 2021
Teaching hours per week 2
Year of study 2021
Number of ECTS credits allocated First Cycle (Bachelor)
Number of ECTS credits allocated 2
Name of lecturer(s) Hansjörg SCHMALLEGGER

Prerequisites and co-requisites

not applicable

Course content

Social pedagogy is the name of the branch of science for upbringing, education and welfare-state intervention. Social pedagogy tries to strengthen the individual responsibility of a (young) person and thereby his/her independent interaction with general circumstance in the society.

Since the ability of young people to participate in society and public life are not equally developed, social pedagogy also deals with the possibility of removing social discriminations, in order to even out these inequalities.

The following content will be examined:

  • age-related social pedagogy (orientation in pertinent social pedagogic field of work
  • social pedagogic methods and everyday structures and practical application processes (pedagogy or experiential education)
  • introduction in didactic and methods of social pedagogy

Learning outcomes

The students know the varying tasks and methods of social pedagogy in relation to age as well as the basics of social pedagogy and experiential education.

The students learn the basics of social pedagogic actions as well as pertinent social pedagogic methods.

They master the basics of systematic observation as a foundation of pedagogic diagnosis as well as methods when dealing with children with behavioural difficulties.

Furthermore the students can apply planning models of educational activities and use conceptual models.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Multimedia lecture, exercises, case work, 

Assessment methods and criteria

written reflexion 


not applicable

Recommended or required reading

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Böhnisch, Lothar; Sozialpädagogik der Lebensalter- Eine Einführung, 8. Auflage (2018)


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Mode of delivery (face-to-face, distance learning)

Classroom event