Learning outcomes of the degree programme Social Work

As a graduate of the Social Work degree programme, you undertake social work responsibilities that vary depending on the target group and also perform other operational tasks (public relations work, project management, concept development etc.).

You are capable of recognising social problems through evidence-based observations and reflection and then analyse and work through these problems. A holistic perspective gives you the ability to work in networks of multidisciplinary teams and settings.

Soziale Arbeit

The competences that form the basis of the programme are divided into the following groups:

  • Professional competences
  • Methodological competences
  • Competences for action
  • Social and self-competence

The goal of the bachelor's degree programme is to give you the ability to meet the diverse challenges of a wide range of areas and qualify you for professional prevention, mitigation and solution of social issues.

Contact Social Work part-time BA

Stephanie Pfanner
Advice & Registration — Social Work BA

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Dipl. Soz. Arb. (FH) Viktoria Reuschel-Richter
Programme Director Social Work BA

+43 5572 792 5311

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