Programme structure diagram with credits


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Fundamentals of Social Diagnosis32
Biography Work and Professional Identity22
Digital Transformation11
Introduction to Scientific Studies21
Fundamental Terminology and History of SW11
SW Theories I21
Introduction to SW Theories in Practice11
Law for SW32
Sociology for SW22
Fundamentals of Communication22
Organisation and Practice21
Work Placement: Preparatory Seminar31
My Biography*22

* Lectures in English


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Empiricism for Social Work32
Individual Case Work32
Group Work32
SW Theories II21
Psychology for SW22
Social Medicine for SW22
Work Placement and Reflection41
Work Field: Fundamentals of Social Security22
Work Field: Intercultural Relations22
Work Field: Intercultural Relations and the Law 11
Our Generation22

* Lectures in English


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Community Work32
SW as a Scientific Discipline in Practice42
SW Theories III21
Pedagogy for Social Work11
Consulting Workshop I22
Work Placement: Preparation22
Work Field: Family32
Work Field: Family Law22
Complex Sytems*22

* Lectures in English

4. SEMESTER (Semester abroad)

Course unit titleECTSSHW
Innovative Methods*22
Gender and Diversity Training*22
European Social Policy*62
Human Rights*52
Social Justice*52
Transcultural Dialogue*22
World Society, Global Developments*42

* Lectures in English


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Crisis Intervention22
Project Planning and Organisation42
Consulting Workshop II22
Consulting Workshop III11
Work Placement I80
Work Field: Employment32
Work Field: Employment Law11
Work Field: The Elderly32
Work Field: The Elderly and the Law11
Work Field: Health32
Work Field: Health Law11


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Social Pedagogical Group Experiences22
Work Placement II161
Elective Work Fields*88


* Elective Work Fields (each student has to choose 4 optional subjects): 

  • Social Pedagogy
  • Youth Work
  • Social Security (Advanced)
  • Assistance for Law Offenders
  • People with Disabilities
  • Social Dialogue
  • Social Psychiatry
  • Addiction
  • Self-Organized Learning


Course unit titleECTSSHW
Quality Control in SW32
Bachelor's Thesis70
Theories of SW IV32
Ethics and Social Philosophy for SW21
Social Politic21
Consulting Workshop IV22
Work Placement: Reflection and Networking21
Peer to Peer Action Platform21
Bachelor Degree Examination20

SW: Abbreviation for Social Work

ECTS: Credit points based on the "European Credit Transfer System" (ECTS). Consistent with international standards, 30 ECTS points can be earned each semester.

SHW: Semester hours per week (SHW). One SHW corresponds to 15 instruction units each of 45 minutes.

Information on individual educational components

You can find detailed descriptions for each of the courses and semesters (ECTS course descriptions) for all semesters of the academic year here:

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