X-ray micro-computed is an imaging technique which allows the non-invasive and non-destructive characterization of a sample’s internal and external meso- and macrostructure in three dimensions at a spatial resolution on the order of a micron.  Our instrument, GE’s phoenix nanotom m, is perfectly suited for metrology and for the characterization of microstructures. It has been successfully applied to:

  • electronic devices
  • wood, polymers, plastics, ceramics and metals
  • composite and fibrous materials
  • polymers, plastics, fibers
3D Reconstruction of a supporting foam


  • Tube voltage range: 25-180 kV
  • Magnification x1.4 to x300
  • Detail detectability down to 0.2 µm
  • Minimum voxel size down to 0.3 µm
  • Maximum sample diameter: Ø240 mm
  • Maximal sample weight: 3 kg


  • Non-destructive and non-invasive imaging of components and materials
  • Characterization of material microstructure (e.g., porosity, filler fraction, connectivity analyses, n-point correlation functions, etc.)
  • Numerical simulation of multiphysics in domains based on tomography data


Mag. Dr. Stefan Arzbacher
Senior Postdoc mit Leitungsfunktion

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