The WITec alpha300 R is a preeminent confocal Raman microscope for the topographic and spectroscopic imaging of material and component surfaces. It has been successfully applied to:

  • polymers, fibers, thin films and coatings
  • wet biological and inorganic samples
  • low-dimensional materials such as graphene flack
  • electrically conducting and non-conducting materials, and semiconductors

Please contact Stefan Arzbacher for aspects concerning accelerated lifetime testing (Lab4ALT) and Matthias Domke for more general inquiries concerning the Raman microscopy.

Raman image of a 7.1 nm PMMA film (red) on glass (blue) with a 4.2 nm alkaline layer (green)


  • Magnification x10 to x100
  • ~200 nm lateral resolution (depends on objective and wavelength)
  • 532 nm excitation wavelength
  • Fast Raman Imaging™, 3D surface imaging
  • Maximum sample size (H x W x D): 120x120x25 mm
  • Step size is 100 nm in X-Y and 10 nm in Z axis


  • Raman spectral imaging
  • 3D confocal Raman imaging
  • Planar and depth scans with manual sample positioning
  • Topography imaging
  • Confocal fluorescence microscopy


Mag. Dr. Stefan Arzbacher
Senior Postdoc mit Leitungsfunktion

+43 5572 792 3803


Dr. Matthias Domke, MSc
Laserablation und Optik, Josef Ressel Zentrum

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