The second partner's meeting was held for the first time in the project online through the Microsoft Teams application on wednesday 15th July 2020. The meeting was attended by all partners involved in the project, and presented the current achievements related to meeting the outcomes defined by the project.

2. Partner meeting under the leadership of Aufbauwerk Leipzig

At the meeting, the Lead Partner presented the current accomplishments and remaining outcomes that need to be met in the upcoming third semester. all outcomes in the first and second semesters are also explained. Besides, an overview of upcoming peer reviews is given.
The second semester of the e-mob project was marked by a pandemic of the COVID 19 virus, which made it necessary to adapt all project activities to the new situations. All partners showed ability and good organization and adapted to the new situation without any problems. Due to the pandemic, an online peer review was organized, which was excellently organized and done by our partner from Spain. Likewise, despite the challenges, good practices have been defined that will be complemented by new good practices at the next peer reviews.
Thanks to all the partners for the effort and commitment they showed during the second semester.

Further information on the Interreg project E-MOB Integrated measures to improve e-mobility in European regions can be found here.