In our mission statement, we at the Research Center Energy of the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg acknowledge the importance of diversity in science. Specifically our mission statement says:

We work as a heterogeneous team:

In our team, we unite people with diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds, different methods and ways of thinking. We value diversity and create original and exceptional ideas and solutions together.


Online session with the staff of the Energy Research Center

In order to keep this topic always present in everyday life, there was an "update" on 23.06.2021 by employees from the official committees at Vorarlberg UAS.

Babette Hebenstreit, university lecturer in the study program Sustainable Energy Systems and member of the Diversity Board at Vorarlberg UAS reported on the topic "Diversity in Science" and addressed not only heterogeneous teams, but also the aspects of diversity when formulating research questions or conducting research.  

In a second lecture, Katrin Paldán, researcher at the User-Centered Technologies Research Center at Vorarlberg UAS and chair of the Research Ethics Committee, reported on the offerings with regard to "Ethics in Science" at Vorarlberg UAS. In her lecture, she encouraged the participants to integrate the topic of ethics into their own research at an early stage, especially in the technical sciences.

The whole research center as well as other lecturers of the new study program Environment & Technology would like to thank Babette and Katrin for the exciting insight into the content and the information about the offers of Vorarlberg UAS.  

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