The 10th International Conference "Technical Thermodynamics: Thermophysical Properties and Energy Systems" (THERMAM), led by the Institute of Technical Thermodynamics, University of Rostock, Germany, was held online this year. International scientists and engineers discussed online the current research developments in the field of modern and future energy systems, with a focus on current or future technical applications. The head of the RC Energy and the Josef Ressel Center for Intelligent Thermal Energy Systems at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences Markus Preißinger also participated.

Markus Preißinger provided in his contribution "So much data, so little information? On the potential of monitoring systems and predictive maintenance in thermal power plants", insights in an online monitoring system of a biomass fired power plant. He presented the present data acquisition and pre-processing steps necessary to develop and apply an online monitoring system that is combined with algorithms for predictive maintenance. The potential but also the limitations of such a system was shown for different subsystems of the power plant.

Furthermore, Markus Preißinger addressed the work at the Josef Ressel Center for Intelligent Thermal Energy Systems and gave an overview of the preliminary steps towards and automated monitoring system based on a cloud system of the project partner Gantner Instruments and applied on a power plant of the second project partner Bertsch Energy were discussed. With this contribution he aimed to show that computational power, data availability and expert knowledge would be ready for a widespread use of predictive maintenance in thermal power plants. He ended with a little bit pathetic summary:

For the first time in history we have the data available, the computational power necessary as well as the knowledge in engineering and data science to say:
So many data – so much information