Bilateral Agreement achieved during RUN-EU GEM Business & Management at HAMK, Hämeenlinna 5-7 April 2022


Martin Hebertinger, head of the International Business bachelor's programme at the FHV and Merja Helin, head of the International Business bachelor's programme at the HAMK are pleased about this new cooperation. Credit:FHV

Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (FHV) proudly announce the first Double Degree Programme for Students in both institutions’ Bachelor Studies in International Business. From fall semester 2023 onwards, up to three students of each university will be able to graduate in a Double Degree Programme. Students in their third academic year will gather the necessary ECTS at the hosting institution and perform the graduation requirements of both programmes in order to graduate in this Double Degree Programme.

“Based on the broad similarities of our programmes, and first intense talks already before the GEM, we were quite confident to get an agreement – but at the end it turned out even easier as expected”, Merja Helin, Head of Bachelor Programme in International Business at HAMK says. “We are more than happy about our achieved goal which will make our shared RUN-EU visions and mission viable for students and staff”, Martin Hebertinger, Head of Bachelor Programme in International Business at FHV added. The inspiring setup of this GEM hosted by the colleagues at HAMK gave the framework for further fruitful exchanges amongst the partners of RUN-EU network.

The Double Degree Programme International Business at HAMK & FHV will now be put into the required written form and signed in the nearest future. This is the first step to be followed by a lot of others in order to fulfil the promise that our students will inherit the future.
RUN-EU is an alliance of seven like-minded higher education institutions drawn from all regions of Europe. We were established in 2020 under the European Universities Initiative. Together, we’re creating a regional development-oriented European University that embodies the values of sustainability, multiculturalism, and inclusiveness in all its work.