Jayachandra Malavatu is conducting research on demand side management of hybrid battery storage systems as part of his doctoral studies at the University of Agder in Norway. He is researching demand side management of hybrid battery storage systems - a focus also at the Energy Research Center. In his doctoral research he is combining energy-dense battery storage technologies with high-capacity battery storage technologies and investigating their suitability for grid-supporting use cases.

Jayachandra (in the middle) with his co-supervisors Bernhard Fässler and Peter Kepplinger

As part of his PhD, which Peter Kepplinger is co-supervising, he was joining the Research Center Energy for 3 month in summer 2022 to benefit from existing expertise in demand side management and grid simulation and from exchanges with the Research Center team. Jayachandra used this opportunity to broaden his horizons and incorporate new perspectives into his research work.

During his journey, Jayachandra intends to lay the groundwork for a future joint publication on the suitability of hybrid battery storage systems for distribution grid support. Besides the scientific cooperation in the team, Jay likes one thing in Vorarlberg: the pleasant climate!

This international exchange with researchers from all over the world is also inspiring for the team of Research Center Energy and broadens the perspective. We thank Jayachandra for his visit, for the inspiring discussions and wish him all the best for the future!