The University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg (FHV) signed the contracts for double degree programmes with three partner universities of the RUN-EU alliance. Starting in fall 2023, students from the participating universities will be able to enrol in these international programmes and complete their studies with two degrees. Further transnational study programmes are planned or already in preparation.

Contract signing in Austria: Pertti Puusaari (President HAMK), Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä (Vice President HAMK), Martin Hebertinger (Programme Director FHV), FHV Managing Director Stefan Fitz-Rankl

FHV students of the bachelor's degree programme in International Business and the master's degree programme in Mechatronics will have additional opportunities to gain an even stronger international orientation starting in fall 2023. As part of the Regional University Network – European University (RUN-EU), the FHV developed so-called double degree programmes with partner universities in Finland and Portugal. These collaborations give students the chance to earn two academic degrees at two universities in parallel. To do so, the required ECTS credits must be earned in two semesters at the host university. "Internationalization and the skills required for it are becoming increasingly important for young professionals. RUN-EU is the ideal platform for this. Both degree programmes already have double degree partnerships and were able to expand their offerings with RUN-EU," emphasizes FHV Managing Director Stefan Fitz-Rankl. 

Study Business in Finland and Austria

Already in spring of this year, the double degree programme for students of the Bachelor of International Business between the Häme University of Applied Sciences in Finland (HAMK - Häme University of Applied Sciences) and the FHV was designed. A few days ago, representatives of both institutions signed the corresponding contracts in Dornbirn. "By spending the entire year abroad, the participants immerse themselves even more deeply in university life, in the language and culture of the partner country, and get to know their own field of study from a geographically and socially different perspective," says Martin Hebertinger, Programme Director International Business at the FHV. Merja Helin, Head of the Bachelor Programme in International Business at HAMK, says, "Holding a double degree means without a doubt differentiation when the student starts their professional career. It allows the student to develop a more comprehensive skill set than they would get from one degree on its own and gives the student the flexibility to take advantage of different opportunities that comes their way."

Studying Mechatronics in Portugal and Austria

Two agreements for double degree programmes were already signed in mid-September in Portugal for the master's degree in Mechatronics. The partners for this are the two RUN-EU universities in Portugal: the Politécnico de Leiria and the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave. "I am very pleased that we can expand our range of studies within the framework of the RUN-EU initiative. The network idea, the common objectives and standards of the RUN-EU partners make the development of such study programs much easier," says Mechatronics Programme Director Johannes Steinschaden. "In addition, the curricula complement each other ideally."

About the Regional University Network – European University (RUN-EU)

RUN-EU is an alliance of seven like-minded higher education institutions from all regions of Europe, established in 2020 as part of the European University Initiative. The goal is to be a regional, development-oriented European university that embodies in its work the values of stable regional orientation and further development as well as sustainability, multiculturalism, and inclusiveness.