David Altweger
Independent creative practice at the intersections of arts, music and the creative industry

A unique perspective on working as an independent creative in highly competitive work environments and nourishing communities of practice. Having started out self-taught at the fringes - Vienna’s underground music scene – David has carved out an international career as visual artist, art director, motion designer and academic based in London. His career’s unique trajectory at the intersections of the arts, the music business and creative industry has enabled him to remain fiercely independent while also building a highly diverse network of collaborators in a variety of communities of practice. Producing work for high profile clients like Google, Disney, Armani and Versace, touring the US and Europe with a radical leftist industrial group and directing a contemporary dance piece at Tanz Quartier Vienna are among his recent projects. We will look at crucial decisions taken and the resulting work ethic developed along this journey. The philosophy that creative fulfillment is achieved through technical ability and the willingness to “get one’s hands dirty” sits at the heart of David’s practice.  

In addition to the talk, David will share insights into production processes through case studies of projects and provide individual advice on the development of practical skills and creative processes as well as strategies for collaboration within communities of practice across different fields.   

David Altweger is a visual artist, director, designer and educator based in London. A graduate of Camberwell College (UAL), his art practice and commercial work is situated at the intersections of the arts and creative industries, carving out a varied and unique career as artist, performer, curator, collaborator and activist in the art world and music business - while also providing commercial services as a prolific freelance art directior, motion designer, animator, cinematographer and editor - with a focus on brand development and creative video production - in the creative industry for high profile brands and agencies.

He is associate lecturer for digital media at the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries at Middlesex University.

Besides being a prolific director and creator of moving image work and digital media he is an established projection artist and com­poser. Working under the moniker Sagberg he creates interactive installations and reactive live visuals, collaborating with DJs and bands on live shows as well as providing digital projections for dance pieces, performances and exhibitions.

Since 2016 member of Test Dept, the UKs most influential industrial group.

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Independent creative practice at the intersections of arts, music and the creative industry

 17. März 2021
19.00 Uhr
Online-Event (via MS-Teams)


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