Art for Nonhuman Beings

Miguel Santos is an artist and a researcher based in Lisbon. His work intersects art and science perspectives to study notions of subjectivity in its relationship with nature, and is formulated in installations, sculptures, videos and photography. He was awarded a PhD in Fine Arts from Sheffield Hallam University (2011, UK) and now, is a research fellow at LIDA-ESAD.CR, Leiria Polytechnic, Portugal.
He participated in several art and science projects, e.g.: synthetic biology, at German Cancer Research Centre (Heidelberg, Germany); water, in a Leverhulme Trust program at the Geography Department, Durham University (UK); urban transformation in Lisbon, in a collaboration with the Royal College of Art (UK).

Presently he investigates the possibilities and implications of producing works of art for nonhuman beings and geomorphic systems to decentre the human importance in the world and contribute to future ecologies.

This presentation shows my artistic research from the past 10 years where I have been investigating the implications and possibilities of producing works of art for nonhuman audiences. It focuses on the different approaches and practice-based methodologies employed in the various projects, namely: speculative, parasitic, and disruptive methodologies. It raises awareness for the value of heterodox views in art and design research and its potential expansion to other areas of knowledge.



Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2022
18.00 Uhr
Aula Achstraße, FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (Campusplan) 
Vortrag in englischer Sprache
Ansprechperson: Hannelore Nagel

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