Studienreise Indien (2019)

Foto: Fabienne Rohner / FH Vorarlberg

„Through the course in India my perception on sustainability changed to a wider perspective. It got more complex, as sustainability is not just about the problem of the scarcity of resources (water, clean air and land), polluting our planet or making decisions in daily life. It is also about empowerment and diversity. Who has access and who has rights. And how can we find a way to change the system with stakeholders and interests in a global manner."

Fabienne Rohner, InterMedia Master - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2019 im Rahmen des Moduls Sustainability Development - Experiencing the Implications

Studienreise Indien (2017)

„Mindset confusion – I guess you have to experience yourself to understand!”

Sebastian Wiech, Mechatronics Master - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2017 im Rahmen des Moduls International Sustainability Management

"It was an amazing experience on so many levels: cultural, informatory and emotional."

Elena Degasperi, Betriebswirtschaft Master Business Process Management - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2017 im Rahmen des Moduls International Sustainability Management

Studienreise Indien (2016)

"It was very interesting to understand how sustainability is seen in India and with which problems such a huge and varied country has to deal with regarding this topic."

Markus Kohler, Betriebswirtschaft Master Accounting Controlling und Finance - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2016 im Rahmen des Moduls International Sustainability Management

"It is interesting and heartbreaking at the same time to see the correlation between desperate poverty and environmental pollution.”

Marco Bont, Betriebswirtschaft Master Business Process Management - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2016 im Rahmen des Moduls Intercultural Competencies

Studienreise Indien (2014)

Bertram Kalb

Bertram Kalb, Energietechnik und EnergiewirtschaftMaster - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2014 im Rahmen des Moduls International Sustainability Management

"Ich habe den Kurs als Ergänzung zum Masterstudium 'Energietechnik und Energiewirtschaft' gewählt, da er gut zum Curriculum passt und die Ausbildung um eine wichtige Facette erweitert.

Der sorgsame Umgang mit Ressourcen und nachhaltiges Wirtschaften sind die zentrale Herausforderungen der kommenden Generationen. Der wichtigste Teil des Kurses war die Reise nach Indien.

Es war interessant zu sehen, wie das Thema in uns fremden Kulturen gehandhabt wird. Neben den auch bei uns gerne angewendeten High-Tech-Lösungen werden dort auch mit einfachsten Mitteln sehr praktikable Projekte entwickelt, die alle Bereiche der Nachhaltigkeit gleichermaßen beinhalten. Diese Erkenntnis, dass für die Realisierung tragfähiger Konzepte ungewöhnliche Ideen und persönliches Engagement wichtiger sind als ein hoher Ressourceneinsatz, haben meine Denkmuster dauerhaft verändert."

Studienreise Indien (2013)

Susann Naumann

Susann Naumann, Betriebswirtschaft Master International Marketing and Sales - Teilnahme an der Studienreise 2013 im Rahmen des Moduls International Sustainability Management

"After I have seen several developing countries before this was still something entirely new to me.

I felt the bias between the traditional, religious values and modern influences is even greater than e.g. in China. I had a hard time understanding how these issues can ever be solved. Wherever you go you see a baby starving to death and someone with an injured leg begging for money.

The poverty is so real that it is almost unbearable as a Westerner and hard to grasp. At the same time I felt a certain numbness towards this after a while, which scared me. I think this explains also why some Indians do not see poverty partly as drastically as we do: In a way one can get used to it. I loved the colourful society with all its different sights, people, customs and dresses. I have never seen such a diversity and happiness and thankfulness in people before. I think this one of the important lessons learnt for myself: It doesn’t take much to be happy, and surely not material things.

The interaction with the students was a great opportunity to see more than a usual tourist does. Especially the nights at the girl’s dormitory when the Indian girls started talking about their boyfriends and ideas on how they want to live their lives and shape the future will stay in my mind.

Overall this trip was a great experience, and I would love to go back to India at any point in time to see more of this beautiful colourful country. Thank you for the opportunity to get a first glimpse."

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