13. Februar 2019
Silicon Savannah – What we can learn from Digital Africa

Hans Stoisser, ECOTEC

The boom in African economies is no contradiction to the people arriving in rubber boats at Europe's coasts. Contrary, Africans don’t push for Europe because they are becoming poorer, but because poverty is in decline and African countries have become part of the interlinked global society.

This lectures provides an overview on the economic boom in most of Africa’s countries and how urban Africa has logged into the global knowledge society. As a consequence, "Silicon Savannah" in Nairobi and other hotspots have emerged and are taking on the challenge of the digital transformation.

As the environment has changed, African-European relations will have to change. An appropriate European response which might be labelled ‘agile’: delight your partners, obey joint values, create horizontal communication, go in small steps, with autonomous units, scale with digital technologies.

Hans Stoisser, entrepreneur, management consultant and author, has been building infrastructures in African countries for more than 30 years. Since 1992, he has been managing ECOTEC, which has been active in Bulgaria, Palestine and Brazil, but particularly in African countries. In his book "The Black Tiger" the economist explains why Europe has missed to link up with modern Africa and what could be done instead. Currently he offers seminars in “Silicon Savannah” in Nairobi, one of Africa’s innovation hubs.

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13. Februar 2019
19 Uhr
Raum U2 07, FH Vorarlberg

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