36th EAMSA Conference

The Euro-Asia Management Studies Association’s (EAMSA) aims to explore the management and organisation of European-Asian business. We cordially invite scholars to discuss contemporary challenges to theory and practice of business in Europe, Asia, and their interplay.

The 36th EAMSA conference will also have a thematic stream. We wish to look at the effects of “shocks” on business. We turn to organisations in Europe and Asia and ask how they prepare for significant adversity and what they can do to shape the shifting world around us.

Vorarlberg, Austria, a region most responsive to economic and technological change, is a particularly fitting location for this challenging theme. Time and time again, Vorarlberg regained control amidst uncertainty as it managed to rethink the potential of its people and businesses.

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Key Dates

Deadline for paper submission: Friday 28 June 2019

Paper acceptance notification: Monday 12 August 2019

Provisional Programme

We will make a detailed programme available at least 10 days before the conference.

  • Wednesday 2 October: pre-conference welcome reception in the evening.
  • Thursday 3 October: opening presentations, keynote speeches and parallel sessions in the morning, followed by a company visit in the afternoon. In the evening science-industry-get-together.
  • Friday 4 October: parallel sessions in the morning, followed by plenary and meet-the-editor sessions in the afternoon. In the evening gala dinner.
  • Saturday 5 October: parallel sessions in the morning, followed by the EAMSA general assembly and closing remarks. The conference will end in the early afternoon.


About Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg lies in the far west of Austria and has borders with three countries: Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein. The region sits between three of the world’s most liveable cities: Zurich, Munich and Vienna are easily accessible by plane and train. The Lake Constance region and the Rhine Valley have a long tradition of trade, immigration, and innovation. 

  • Vorarlberg is the most densely populated region of Austria. The regional centres are spread over Vorarlberg and create an urban area that merges almost seamlessly with the Swiss Rhine Valley and Germany.
  • Vorarlberg is one of the most industrialised federal states of Austria and, due to its location, a trade hub. 60% of Vorarlberg’s products and services are exported. Many of its firms are market leaders, worldwide.
  • Vorarlberg’s architecture, craftsmanship, communications and industrial design is world-renowned. Creativity spills over into Vorarlberg’s innovative performance. The region is ranked 3rd amongst the EU‘s most innovative states.

EAMSA in Vorarlberg: A Wonderful Experience


The Euro-Asia Management Studies Association is a platform for scholarly exchange on economic and management issues. Annual conferences, held alternately in Europe and Asia, bring together researchers and business executives who discuss their research and experiences, exchange ideas, and establish collaborative networks. The mission of EAMSA is to:

  • promote research and education in the fields of business and management in Asia and Europe, with special emphasis on international comparisons
  • foster an understanding of the role of international organisations and public policies in all matters related to Euro-Asian business activities
  • encourage the exchange of research results, practical experience, and ideas by organising conferences, meetings and developing research networks among members and institutions
  • disseminate research results through various channels.

EAMSA today has about 200 members in 30 different countries around the world. Roughly half of the members are from Asian countries. Members include scholars from leading academic institutions as well executives, business consultants, researchers and PhD students.



FH Dornbirn is within easy international reach. Please find further details here:




The world-famous Munich Beer Festival “Oktoberfest” will take place from Saturday 21st September to Sunday 6th October 2019. Should you decide to come to us via Munich Airport, a short stopover might add even further value to your trip to Europe.





How to get to conference venue


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