26. November 2015
Professional Women in the US and Austria
Comparison of Challenges, Opportunities and Support Systems

Prof. Dr. Maria Nathan, Lynchburg College, USA
Prof. (FH) Dr. Tanja Eiselen, FH Vorarlberg

Being a professional woman in an academic environment is a hard work – all over the world. In this lecture the perspective of two professional women who managed to be successful in the academic area and had a family life with children will be discussed.

We begin with the academic education in both countries – which challenges occur to them, how the decision for the career was made and who supported them so choose this way. The next topic is the work-life-balance, how can work, family and private needs be balanced to be successful in all areas. Which support did they get from family, friends and governmental support systems in order to reach all needs. How different are the support systems (laws for family leave, childcare opportunities, company support) in the US and Austria and which consequences does that have on individual biographies.

The lecture will be a lively dialogue between Prof. Dr. Maria Nathan and Prof. (FH) Dr. Tanja Eiselen.


Maria Nathan und Tanja Eiselen

26. November 2015
18.30 Uhr
Cafeteria der Bibliothek, FH Vorarlberg