8. September 2016
Service mistakes - Can they be something positive?

Ingemar Haglund - Mälardalen University, Schweden

Fachdiskussion: Prof. (FH) Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Manhart, MBA - FH Vorarlberg

As long as there are human beings, there will be mistakes! Service providers are human beings and therefore we all have and will experience service mistakes. Along the “customer journey” so many things can happen that affect our experience - mistakes as well as surprises. Thinking about service mistakes a number of questions arises. Is it possible to avoid mistakes? Can mistakes be handled and how? Can service mistakes be something positive? Customers complaining - positive or negative?

A part of manage mistakes is called service recovery and that is the way a company can and should built in a system of activities to handle gap in the service delivery. In his talk Ingemar Haglund illuminates the secret life of service mistakes and how we handle them.

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Internationale Vorlesung

8. September 2016
18.30 Uhr
Cafeteria der Bibliothek der FH Vorarlberg