1. Dezember 2022
metaVERSE: a not so virtual, real world to discover

Tom Fleerackers

Event Blickpunkt Wirtschaft 051
1. Dezember 2022 
19:00 Uhr 
Aula, Achstraße, FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences 
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About the talk

In a world were digital is normal, the metaverse is the next step towards a more hybrid world were real and virtual worlds collide. Were identity is re-defined and were new opportunities arise.

With every change we need time to get used to this new concept, this new world. To understand this, we need to figure out why this change is happening now, and what the potential is for society, organisations and companies in the (near) future.

"metaVERSE: a not so virtual, real world to discover" takes you behind the scenes and shares a glimpse of what is possible within the metaverse.

About Tom Fleerackers

Tom Fleerackers graduated with a master degree in commercial sciences at Lessius University of Applied Sciences (now KU Leuven). With the advanced master of communication sciences at University of Antwerp his fascination for media and technology was born.

Today Tom is dean of the faculty of Science and Technology at Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences (Antwerp), a guest lecturer at FHV (Austria) and HdBW (Germany) were he teaches courses in the field of digital marketing, digital culture and digital trends.

As partner of Flat World Business he assists companies and organisations in Belgium and abroad with creating value in a digital world.

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