Student exchange
at Vorarlberg University
of Applied Sciences

Incoming studens at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences.

Institutional information

UniversityVorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Vorarlberg GmbH)
Erasmus codeA DORNBIR 01
International OfficeCentralized International Office in charge for mobility activities of all degree programmes.
Individual responsibilities and contact details.
AddressFH Vorarlberg
University of Applied Sciences
CAMPUS, Hochschulstrasse 1
6850 Dornbirn, Austria
Telephone number+43 5572 792 1201

Static information for Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreements

Information about the higher education institution

Name of the institutionVorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule Vorarlberg GmbH)
Erasmus codeA DORNBIR 01
Contact details

Contact person:
Karin Wüstner-Dobler, MSc
Head International Office
+43 5572 792 1201

Departmental Coordinators:

Contact details International Office:


Faculty of Economics:

Faculty of Design:

Faculty of Engineering:

Faculty of Social Work and Health:

Course Catalogue

English conducted courses:

German & English conducted courses:


 Autumn term
Spring term
Nomination deadline15/0415/10
Application deadlline15/0515/11

Application procedure for incoming students

Contact details
(email, phone)
Website for information
+43 5572 792 1200

Additional requirements

Requirement     DetailsWebsite for information
Academic requirements

Please consider that it is important that students
coming for an exchange semester do have the
necessary academic prerequisites mentioned in
the ECTS course descriptions of the individual courses!

Inclusion and accessibility

Available infrastructure
adjusted for people with:
Description of infrastructureContact details
(email, phone)
Website for information
  • Reduced mobility 
  • Hearing impairments 
  • Visual impairments 
Infrastructure to welcome students and staff
with disabilities is available at the university.
In regards to accommodation we highly recommend
to get in contact early enough with the student
exchange coordinators for making sure that individual
needs can get considered.
+43 5572 792 3314
Available support services
for people with:
Description of support servicesContact details (email, phone)Website for information
  • Reduced mobility 
  • Hearing impairments 
  • Visual impairments
Our Disability Officer provides support to students
with disabilities or chronic illnesses so that they
can encounter the best possible overall conditions
at FH Vorarlberg that enable successful study.
+43 5572 792 3314


 Contact details
(email, phone)
Website for information
+43 5572 792 1200
+43 5572 792 1200
+43 5572 792 1200

Additional information

+43 5572 792 1201

Recommended language skills

Language of
instruction 1
Language of
instruction 2
Recommended language(s) of instruction level
Student Mobility for StudiesStaff Mobility for Teaching
GermanEnglish1: B2
2: B2
1: C1
2: C1

Default weeks values

  • The institution will send its decision within 2 weeks, and no later than 5 weeks.
  • A Transcript of Records will be issued by the receiving institution no later than 5 weeks after the assessment period has finished at the receiving HEI. 
Micael Krindges © FH Vorarlberg

"This photo is to show that even with the whole Covid-19 pandemic it is possible to have good times and make good friends."

Micael Krindges, exchange student from Universidade do Vale do Taquari - Univates in Brazil (International Business Bachelor)

Emmiina Lukka © FH Vorarlberg

"Good food and even better company, what else do you need?"

Emmiina Lukka, exchange student from University of Lapland in Finland (Social Work Bachelor)

Shaelynn Waseka © FH Vorarlberg

"At this time I had only been in Dornbirn for 3 weeks, and now I have my arms even higher above my head."

Ellen Pihl, exchange student from University College Lillebaelt in Denmark (International Business Bachelor)

Patricio Moreno © FH Vorarlberg

"After 2 tries to come to Dornbirn and make my semester abroad I’m finally here! In the beginning, everybody knew that will be hard to do but it’s something that I will never regret."

Patricio Moreno, exchange student from Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile (International Business Bachelor)

Alperen Aslan © FH Vorarlberg

"Vorarlberg is no longer some empty spot. Vorarlberg is a place of self-development, nature and change. Vorarlberg is where I found myself. I'm ready to face the world now."

Alperen Aslan, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Victor Jacobs © FH Vorarlberg

"Have you ever seen someone smile so hard? At least I haven't seen myself smile so hard in my entire life and this picture was taken only 10 days after my arrival in Dornbirn. Coming here was the best choice of my life!"

Victor Jacobs, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)

Alan Lampert Nieland © FH Vorarlberg

"Come to Dornbirn in Austria was one of my best choices in my life. I have have met lot of new people here that were open to talk and exchange information and experiences."

Alan Lampert Nieland, exchange student from Universidade do Vale do Taquari, Brasil (International Business Bachelor)

Johanna Hokkanen © FH Vorarlberg

"The exchange is not only about stepping out of your comfort zone. It's about life long friendships."

Johanna Hokkanen, exchange student from JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland (International Business Bachelor)

Thjis Dreves © FH Vorarlberg

"Going on an exchange has brought me a lot. Besides independency and self-development, I have realized to get the most out of life."

Thijs Dreves, exchange student from Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, Netherlands (International Business Bachelor)

Arne Mertens © FH Vorarlberg

"The best part of being on this exchange is all the people from around the world and the locals you get to meet. I definitely made some friends for life here. I would recommend everyone to do their exchange here in Dornbirn."

Arne Mertens, exchange student from Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Belgium (International Business Bachelor)