Winter Semester 2014 - Aufenthaltszeitraum: August - November 2014

My name is Kai Ma from Shanghai University. In March 2014, I saw the notice of the exchange program on the website of our university. I was fascinated by the possible chance to have a 3-month exchange semester in FHV and couldn't wait to tell my parents the news.

But in fact, comparing to Shanghai, the living expense in Austria is so high that it later on become the main obstacle for me to have an exchange semester in FHV. It was under JUMP-FHV's generous help that I had my dream realized to study abroad in Austria.

I'm really grateful for this financial help JUMP-FHV offered, otherwise there would be no way for me to have such a great experience in FHV. A thousand times' thank to JUMP-FHV!

Kai Ma, Shanghai University School of Management (SOM), China

Jia Ding, Riuwen He, Kai Ma, Guanying Zhu
Jia Ding, Riuwen He, Kai Ma, Guanying Zhu