Sommer Semester 2014 - Aufenthaltszeitraum: Februar - Juni 2014

Miret Raadik

In the idea of doing my Erasmus in Vorarlberg I saw a great chance for my future - to enhance my knowledge in Social Work, to meet new people from many cultures, learn German, adjust my life to a new way of living, and a lot more. As always, money was one of the questions before I came here, especially because living costs are much higher than in Estonia. The grant I received from JUMP FHV made things a lot easier, it took away a big worry, helped me a lot and I am extremely thankful for it! This grant help the wish of doing my Erasmus in Dornbirn come true!

Ene Sepp

When deciding about in which country to spend my Erasmus in, it was a hard decision to choose Austria. I did like it the most but since the living costs are so much higher than in Estonia I did think whether or not I can manage it financially. Although my family saved some money for me, I still knew I have to live on a budget. So, when I received the grant from JUMP FHV it was a huge relief. I was literally jumping around from the excitement. The support allowed me to travel a bit more, enjoy going out with new friends and overall offered me a better experience from my Erasmus semester in FHV. Thank you so much for the support you offered!

Miret Raadik, Ene Sepp
Miret Raadik, Ene Sepp