Sommer Semester 2016 - Aufenthaltszeitraum: Februar - Juni 2016

Veronika Zegzulkova, University of Ostrava, Tschechien

"My name is Veronika Zegzulková. I study social work at the University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. Based on the excellent recommendations, I have chosen FH Vorarlberg. But here in Austria living is much more expensive than in the Czech Republic. So I would like to thank for this grant, which enabled me to stay here in beautiful Dornbirn, meet new people and new cultures, broaden my knowledge and gain experience by staying abroad. Jump FHV makes this all possible for me. Thank you very much for this opportunity."

Nikol Kothánková, University of Ostrava, Tschechien

"I am studying at the University of Ostrava in the Czech Republic. I chose FH Vorarlberg because I wanted to know more about this nice area and also I had very good references about FH Vorarlberg from our international office. I am glad that it was possible to study here in English. Cost of living here is much higher so without this grant from Jump FHV I probably could not afford staying here. I am so glad and thankful for this opportunity and for your helpful support. It is really a beautiful experience to live and study here!"