Sommer Semester 2017 - Aufenthaltszeitraum: Februar - Juni 2017

José Sabugueiro, IADE - Universidade Europeia, Portugal

"My name is José Sabugueiro, I am a Design student at IADE - Creative University in Lisbon (Portugal). I chose FH Vorarlberg - University of Applied Sciences, to do my exchange semester, because when I researched the city, I loved the place where the college was based and its surrounding full of nature. The degree programme was one of the reasons that made me choose FH Vorarlberg. The InterMedia degree programme contains some subjects of my field of study that I had not explored yet, and that was also one of the reasons for my choice. Without this grant, my coming would not have been possible, and I would not have the opportunity to meet new people, new places, and be in touch with another culture. So I thank FH Vorarlberg for the great opportunity, because it made a difference."