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Luís Mota Mesquita

I feel I’m in the middle of a documentary of national geographic.

"The love behind the mountains is real!
Since I arrived in Dornbirn my mind blows up with the high mountains they have here. After two months of being in Dornbirn I feel I’m in the middle of a national documentary of national geographic, every hike I take is better than the last.

The best thing of Dornbirn if for sure the geographic location, in space of few hours you can be in three different countries, and the people of Dornbirn made us feel very welcome, they are very friendly and although I don't understand German very well, they are always willing to help."


Luís Mota Mesquita - Exchange student in the bachelor's degree programme International Business (2021) from IADE - Universidade Europeia, Portugal