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Shaelynn Waseka

got out of her comfort zone and left her friends and family behind to jump into a new experience.

"Dip One’s Toe in the Water

To tentatively begin or get involved in a new experience. Likened to gently placing one's toe into water to test its temperature.

The moment I chose to study abroad, I actively chose to not only “dip my toe in”, but to “dive into the water”. I chose to pack my bags, leave my friends and family behind, and jump into a new world. Each and every experience I have had while studying in Dornbirn, Austria has been life changing.

This opportunity has forced me out of my comfort zone. I have had to figure out how to communicate differently; make new friends; adapt to another environment/surrounding/culture; use different currency and so much more. The night before I left, I thought I made the wrong decision. I remember asking myself, “why would I leave everyone and everything I know to start new?” The moment I arrived in Austria and finally settled into my dorm, I knew that I had made the correct decision.

The main focus of my studies is creativity. This opportunity to live in a different place has helped the creativity process flourish in many varied and some unexplainable ways. The scenery; the people; and the experiences will influence my ideas forever."


Shaelyn Waseka - Exchange student in the bachelor's degree programme InterMedia (2019) from Minneapolis College of Art and Design, USA