Data protection information for visitors of Facebook Fanpages of FH Vorarlberg


1.    Meta Platforms Ireland Limited (previously Facebook Ireland Ltd.), 4 Grand Canal Square, Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2, Ireland (in short "Facebook").
2.    Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences GmbH, Campus V, Hochschulstraße 1, 6850 Dornbirn,, +43 5572 792-0.
Together with Facebook, FH Vorarlberg is responsible for data processing in connection with this Fanpage to the agreed extent in accordance with the provisions of the DSGVO. When visiting this fan page, personal data is processed by Facebook and by FH Vorarlberg.
Facebook and FH Vorarlberg have entered into an agreement pursuant to Art. 26 DGSVO to determine the respective responsibilities for the fulfillment of the obligations under the DSGVO with regard to joint processing (as set forth in the Terms of Use for Covered Products;

The content of the agreement between the joint controllers pursuant to Art. 26 GDPR is provided at

The main points of this agreement are:

-    The scope of joint processing and the controller addendum covers the collection of personal data specified in the Terms of Use for Covered Products and their transfer to Facebook.
-    The subsequent processing of data by Facebook is not part of the joint processing, the responsibility for this lies with Facebook alone.
-    Facebook and FH Vorarlberg are each responsible for the legal basis of their respective data processing.
-    FH Vorarlberg is responsible for providing information to data subjects in accordance with Art. 13 and 14 GDPR.
-    Facebook is responsible for enabling the rights of data subjects under Articles 15-20 of the GDPR with respect to personal data stored by Facebook after joint processing.
-    Data subjects may exercise the right to object pursuant to Art. 21 of the GDPR in each case with the respective controller (Facebook or FH Vorarlberg).
-    Facebook is responsible with regard to the security of the Covered Products; FH Vorarlberg is responsible with regard to the correct technical implementation and configuration of the Covered Products.
-    To the extent that a personal data breach affects Facebook's obligations under the concluded agreement pursuant to Art. 26 GDPR, Facebook shall be responsible. Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences shall be responsible insofar as a personal data breach affects its obligations under the concluded agreement pursuant to Art. 26 GDPR.



Operation of a fan page for
-    Public relations, communication with fan page visitors, exchange.
-    User analysis: By means of the Facebook fan page, we can obtain statistics on visits and visitors, which Facebook compiles. This allows us to better target marketing efforts and improve the delivery of content and features.
-    Use of Insights and cookies: We use Facebook's Insights service to obtain anonymized statistical data about visitors to the Fanpage. Facebook's cookie policy is available at:



Visitors* to Facebook fan pages

The following data categories are provided to the FH Vorarlberg in anonymized form:
-    Information about persons:

Persons who "like" the fan page: Gender, age, place of residence, language;
People who have commented on FH Vorarlberg's posts with "like";
People reached in the last 28 days.

-    Information about "likes":
Total number of "Likes",
Number of new "Likes",
Limbs of "Likes" by origin (state, locality), gender, age, language.

-    Reach information:
Post reach: people to whom the post was provided;
Positive interactions ("Likes," comments, shared content, recommendations);
Negative interactions ("disliked", hidden posts, spamming);
Number of fan page subscribers;
Total reach: number of people who were shown a Facebook page action.

-    Information about visits to the Facebook page:
Information about visitor behavior;
Page and tab views;
Access path to the Facebook page.

-    Information about posts:
Online behavior of people who have "liked" the page, when they are on the Facebook page;
Post types: success information of individual post types based on average reach and interaction;
Most popular posts from pages we keep track of.

-    Information about videos
Video views: How often are videos viewed for more than three seconds?
30-second views: How often are videos viewed for more than three seconds?
Top videos: Information about which videos have been viewed the most for at least three seconds.

-    Consent according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) GDPR (for more details see "Miscellaneous").
-    Legitimate interests of the FH Vorarlberg according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) GDPR which consist of an effective exchange with Facebook users, in particular the presentation of the FH Vorarlberg in this way to ensure the existence of the FH Vorarlberg in the competition.
-    If visitors publish or transmit special categories of personal data, e.g. in comments or private messages, the data processing is based on the public accessibility of this information pursuant to Art. 9 (2) e) GDPR or on the implied consent of the visitors to the data processing pursuant to Art. 9 (2) a) GDPR.


FH Vorarlberg only receives the data in anonymized form and has neither access nor any influence on the personal information stored in the cookies.
Information on data transmission by Facebook can be found at and

It should be noted that when data is transferred to Facebook, the data is stored in the USA. The USA is assessed by the EU as a third country with an inadequate level of data protection, and there are no suitable guarantees for the data transfer. Due to this data transfer, there is a risk that the data protection measures used do not have the level required in the EU and that the rights of the data subjects may not be safeguarded, in particular access to personal data by authorities is possible.

For Facebook members, the transfer of the IP address and setting/transfer of the datr cookie and the c_user_cookies takes place. The c-user cookie contains the login identification number (user ID) of the Facebook member. This makes it possible to identify this person, to assign the call to the website with the fan page to a specific person and in this way to personalize the content of the fan page.

For non-Facebook members or logged out Facebook members, the transmission of the IP address and setting/transmission of the datr cookie takes place.

Facebook cookies are generally stored for up to two years after they are set; updates extend the storage period accordingly.
You can delete stored cookies yourself at any time in the browser, furthermore you can also prevent the installation of cookies by a browser setting.


-    Facebook Insight" function: This function enables fan page operators to obtain anonymized statistical data on users and visitors to the Facebook page. This is helpful for improving the advertising systems, and the statistics generated also enable marketing measures to be used and improved in a targeted manner.
-    The data is collected by means of cookies, which are stored on the devices used by the visitors (notebook, tablet, smartphone,...). When the Facebook page is called up again at a later time, it recognizes the end device again.
-    The information stored in these cookies is received and processed by Facebook as personal data, but is only made available to FH Vorarlberg in anonymized form.
-    FH Vorarlberg has no influence whatsoever on Facebook's terms of use, privacy policy and cookie policy. If you have registered on Facebook, you have accepted these terms and conditions with your registration.
-    If you are not registered on Facebook and nevertheless call up our Facebook pages, you agree to the processing and statistical evaluation of your personal data by calling up within the FHV Facebook page (consent pursuant to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) DSGVO).

Your data protection rights according to GDPR
We wish to inform you of your following rights to information, rectification, erasure, restriction, data portability, withdrawal and objection with respect to your personal data. Should you have any queries or requests in this connection, please contact

In the event that data processing is based on consent, you may withdraw this consent at any time also by emailing If data processing is based on the legitimate interests of FH Vorarlberg, you may object to this processing and include your reasons for the objection, however the lawfulness of data processing conducted prior to withdrawal or objection shall remain unaffected

Possibilities of objection via the Facebook account:
Facebook members can use the settings for web preferences in their Facebook account to set the extent to which user behavior may be recorded when visiting the fan page. Furthermore, Facebook provides an objection form: :

If you believe data processing to be unlawful, we ask that you contact us by emailing Moreover, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, the Austrian Data Protection Authority.

Responsible controller for data processing:
Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences GmbH, Campus V, Hochschulstr. 1, 6850 Dornbirn,, +43 5572 792-0

Data protection officer: can be reached at

Should you have any questions or comments in relation to data protection at FH Vorarlberg, our internal contact person – who can be reached by email at – will be happy to assist you.

This text is published in German and English. In case of ambiguities or disputes the German version shall be binding.

Status at 11.03.2022